1.  Go to the bracket you are playing in to see all your opponents for the current Tournament


​2.  To send your opponents an email ,left click on opponents name to open the email form.


​3.  Write to your opponent offering playing times and dates that you can play.


​4.  CC the scheduling email to Tournament Host


​5.  Please send all scheduling  emails in the first 3 days of each round.


​6.  If you have not received a scheduling email from your opponent by the 4th day please email the Tournament Host to assist.





Monthly Tournament


The Monthly Tournament is a 2 stage event.

First Stage will be played as a round robin to gain qualifing for the playoffs. Match length for stage 1 is 11 Points.

There will be 4 Brackets for each event. These brackets being EMU,  KANGAROO,  PLATYPUS and WOMBAT.

Each person gains a seeding from their results for the Playoffs and the following months event.

Stage 2 of the Monthly event Seeded Knockout with matches being 15 Points. The final being decided in a best of 3 series.


Smash KO Tournament


The Smask KO tournament is a single Stage Knockout Event.

This is a randon draw for positions with 11 Point Single Knockout Event.


Uncle Sam Cup


The Uncle Sam Cup is a single Stage Round Robin event.

The Event will be played Quarterly.

There will be 3 divisions in the event.

Each Division will have a Guest player from USA.

Each player will play every player in their Division once.

Players earn 1 point for a win and .5 for a loss.

The winner will be the player that earns the most points.

If there are players on equal points at the end a tie break will decide the winner.

The two lowest players in Division 1 and 2 will drop back a division for the next quarters event

The two highest players from Division 2 and 3 will be promoted to the next highest Division for the next quarter.