White - Pips 153

Black to Play - 4-2

Black - Pips 162




Black to Play - 4-2


Offense/Offense, Defense/defense


That means that if you are in an offensive position, tend to make a more offensive play if you have a choice. And if you are in a defensive position, tend to make a more defensive play if you have a choice. In this position, you are clearly on the defense. White has strong attacking potential against the checker on his 3 point or he can make his 5 or 7 points. White is up in the race. White has more inner board points. If you make his 5, it becomes much more difficult to block these checkers, and gives you a safe forward anchor where your checkers can enter if hit. By making your opponent's 5 point he can no longer execute an effective priming (blocking) game nor can he attack you in his inner board. That only leaves his with a racing game, and he still has two checkers back in your inner board that he will have difficulty escaping. Even if he does escape successfully, because you are holding his 5 point, he must always risk leaving shots later.Note also that if you hold his 5 point there is a potential for you to get back into the race if you roll large doubles. If you stay back, those large doubles will not allow you to race as one or both of your checkers in his board will not be able to escape.