White - Pips 161

Black to Play - 6-3

Black - Pips 139




Black to Play - 6-3


When you are up in the race, race! Yes, making the 5 point looks great, but if you do that you are playing a "Priming Game" when you should be playing a "Racing Game."A Priming Game is a game where your main goal is to make points in a row to block your opponent from escaping from your inner board.A Racing Game is trying to get your checkers around to where you are less likely to be hit or onto a point you already own. In the process you will also need to make points (put two or more checkers together on the same point) in your inner board for your checkers to land on safely.A third type of game is an "Attacking Game" where you stop your opponent by hitting him, or in some cases, you are forced to stay back and wait for a shot later, hoping to hit and stop his forward progress that way.The "pip count" tells you exactly how you stand in the race, and if the pip count is in your favor ( your count is lower) you should generally lean towards playing a Racing Game.The concept "when you are up in the race, race," is a major theme in backgammon. Conversely, it is just as important to keep in mind that "when you are not up in the race, don't race!"