White - Pips 161

Black to Play - 6-1

Black - Pips 143




Black to Play - 6-1


If you have the choice of making your 5 point, rather than another point on your side of the board, make the 5.

In this situation, making the 5 gives you the best 3 points in a row. It dramatically reduces the options your opponent has with his back checkers when his upcoming roll(s) contain a 3, 4, or 5.

If you make it he can't. The 5 point is the most valuable defensive point for him to make early on, and often later as well.

A third point in your inner board makes it more difficult for your opponent to enter your inner board when he gets hit and reduces the options he has when he does enter.

The 5 point gives you another safe place to bring your checkers into in your inner board.