Australian Backgammon League

Online Rules

ABL will be open to all permanent residents of Australia and invited guest players. ABL administrators reserve the right to allow or deny participation.

We realise that there are many situations with special circumstances, and the hosts reserve the right to exercise judgment in applying the rules to the letter of the law

You may enter only once per month. You are expected to play ALL the matches from your bracket and must be played with serious competitiveness. Your matches are not yours to 'forfeit'. You may not tell your opponent to post the win.  If you violate this rule by giving or accepting a gift win and/or posting a win, you may be permanently banned from further participation in the ABL events.

You are expected to conduct yourself in a sportsman like way and avoid bad language or controversial topics. Players are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated and rude players will not be allowed to participate. 

Conduct violations may result in disqualification from this league.

Disputes between players shall be immediately brought to administrator's attention.  Stop the match, take a screen shot, and send an email describing what took place.

Please be careful when considering cube action.  If you accept a double when you meant to resign or resign when you meant to accept, the mistake cannot be undone.

Players should be ready to play their match in a timely manner and avoid disruptions during match play. Match assistance of any kind is not permitted during match play. Any player found doing so will be banned from the ABL.

A player is considered booted when he / she is unable to continue the game play. The booted player's opponent should give their opponent at least 5 minutes to return. If they do not return, the match should be rescheduled. If a player has booted because they are sure to lose, the remaining player may post the win. It is a good idea to get a screen shot of all matches.


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