Location :

 ABL matches can be played on any server.  Default site if can't be agreed is SHG.

The ABL administrators reserve the right to resolve disputes by choosing an appropriate backgammon site for your match.

There will be many possible backgammon sites and settings for matches. You will be responsible for knowing and accepting the settings of the matches you play against your opponents. 
The administrators expect that the matches will be played as follows:
Crawford rule in effect
Jacoby rule not in effect
Normal doubling cube - No beavers
No timed matches
Never to be played for real money

League Format :

League Divisions will be randomly chosen and assigned with a league maximum of 8 brackets.  Each month’s ABL round robin bracket will play 11 point matches.

League Playoff Format :

In case of ties, previous head to head competition will be used to determine tie break.  If a winner is still undetermined a pre-playoff will occur. Wins / Losses from the month's League Play will determine the seeding. The top 4 Players from each Division will advance for fields of 28 or more. Events smaller than 28 players two player from each bracket will advance to playoffs. Playoff match lengths will be 15 points to the final were it will be best of 3 x 15 point matches.
The winner is to report the result on the Report Win page.

Scheduling :

All players are expected to use the email addresses provided on each bracket for your scheduling and always copy (cc) to the ABL Administrators.  There will be no forfeits awarded unless you have attempted to schedule with email a mininum of 2 times with copies (cc) forwarded to Administrators.
Please use email as your primary way of scheduling with your opponents and save copies for future reference.
All matches are due to be played by the 28th day of each month. Players that have not completed at least 50% of their matches or scheduled them using the provided email addresses by the end of the month will risk the penalty of forfeit claims against them and subsequent banning from future ABL at the hosts' discretion.

Scoring :

All matches that have been played and won will score 1 full point. A loss will receive 0.5 of a point. If you email your opponent to arrange times for pending matches and receive no reply, you may choose to claim the forfeit win by email at anytime from the 23rd until the end of play and this will be worth 1 point. Unplayed matches (no emails sent) will be worth 0. This way of determining points encourages everyone to play all of their matches and get credit for it, win or lose.

Forfeit Penalty :

If an opponent failed to respond to their request to play. 1 point will be awarded to player who tried to schedule and 1 will be deducted from his opponent that failed to try to schedule.